Blog Posts

Posts for Parents of Autistic Kids:

Anxiety Looks Like Anger (also applies to autistic adults)

Autistic Toddlers and Parent Expectations

Alexithymia and Interoception (also applies to autistic adults)  


Masking, Late-diagnosis, and Mental Health:

Autistic Masking, Late Diagnosis, and Dissociation: The Toll It Takes on Autistic Mental Health

Autistic Burnout, “Regression,” and Identity Crisis – #TaketheMaskOff Week 4

Accepting my Autistic Self – #TakeTheMaskOff


Sensory Differences and Emotional Regulation:

All About Auditory Sensitivity

Alexithymia and Interoception

Anxiety Looks Like Anger



Neurotypical Misunderstandings of Autistic People:

“Theory of Mind”

“Just Be Yourself” – #TaketheMaskOff

Disclosure, Jobs, Networking

“Pay Attention!”

“Why Are You Crying?”

Neurotypical Worry


Autistic Joy and Validation:

Online Communities, Happy Autistic Stories

Leadership Skills

AutCollab Mosaic


Autism, Healthcare, and Disability

Doctors Visits and Judgment

Update: Doctors Visits and (lack of) Judgment

Schools Don’t Care About Disabled Students


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