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Posts for Parents of Autistic Kids:

Anxiety Looks Like Anger (also applies to autistic adults)

Autistic Toddlers and Parent Expectations

Alexithymia and Interoception (also applies to autistic adults)  

  Literalness, Uncertainty, and Perfectionism (also applies to autistic adults)

Masking, Late-diagnosis, and Mental Health:

Autistic Masking, Late Diagnosis, and Dissociation: The Toll It Takes on Autistic Mental Health

Autistic Burnout, “Regression,” and Identity Crisis – #TaketheMaskOff Week 4

Accepting my Autistic Self – #TakeTheMaskOff

The Neurotypical Autism Diagnosis

Autistic (and Neurotypical Lack Of) Effort

Sensory Differences and Emotional Regulation:

All About Auditory Sensitivity

Alexithymia and Interoception

Anxiety Looks Like Anger



Neurotypical Misunderstandings of Autistic People:

Autistic (and Neurotypical Lack Of) Effort

“Theory of Mind”

“Just Be Yourself” – #TaketheMaskOff

Disclosure, Jobs, Networking

“Pay Attention!”

“Why Are You Crying?”

Neurotypical Worry


Autistic Joy and Validation:

Online Communities, Happy Autistic Stories

Leadership Skills

AutCollab Mosaic


Autism, Healthcare, and Disability

Doctors Visits and Judgment

Update: Doctors Visits and (lack of) Judgment

Schools Don’t Care About Disabled Students

Representations in Media

Review: The Rosie Result

Autistic Horror Tropes – #BoycottProdigy


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